SeaTox Research Inc was founded in 2013 as a biotechnology research and development company. Our primary focus involves drug discovery of natural products and bioassay development for marine toxins.


We are located at the UNC Wilmington CREST Research Campus in Wilmington, NC. Our lab facilities are fully equipped for analytical chemistry and cellular/molecular biology. We welcome your questions and any inquiries.


Marine Sleuth

SeaTox’s focus is developing a faster, easier-to-use process of testing shellfish for marine toxins, and she says, they “have been successful at optimizing several marine toxins and have begun selling a prototype kit that can be used by the general public.”

Women To Watch

As head of the startup company SeaTox Research, which develops diagnostic kits to detect toxins in seafood, biologist Jennifer McCall combines science and business. After launching SeaTox in 2013, the Wilmington-based snagged...

Wilmington Has Untapped Potential

The Wilmington region is bursting with entrepreneurial potential. We can and should grow our entrepreneurial community, focusing on the local pool of talent that is seeking to be shown the path.